Go-Go Dancer of the Month for July – Patrick

Photos and Text by Paulo Murillo

Meet Patrick Engelking, our Go-Go Dancer of the Month for July 2017, from Revolver Video Bar.

Patrick is a super sexy guy, but at the end of a night of dancing, he just wants to be a better version of himself.

Where are you from?
I was born in West Hills California. I grew up in Simi Valley and now I live here in Hollywood. I was born in raised in California.

What’s your sign?

Relationship status?
In a relationship.

How long have you been a Go-Go dancer?
A year. I’ve been dancing at Micky’s, Revolver and Flaming Saddles.

What’s it like when you’re up there doing your thing?
You can see everything that’s going on. People don’t realize it. I people-watch when I’m up there. It’s actually very entertaining. I just go from group to group and see what they do. There will be times when I’m up there and I just burst into laughter because I can see what you’re doing.

What goals do you have for yourself?
I’m trying to get into personal training and also computer networking. I never thought I would be a dancer. It just kind of happened. The money is cool and the people are fun. I like what I do.

What do you consider your single hottest feature?
Uh… probably my gap teeth. People always tell me they love my gap teeth. I hate it, but people love it.

What’s one thing people are surprised to learn about you?
I’m vegan. I build my muscle on a vegan diet. You have to eat twice as much. I did all this research and watched a bunch of documentaries. I’m always about trying to be the best version of myself, so if I’m presented with new information and I don’t make a change, then I’m not being the best version of myself. I went from eating burgers and tacos to vegan, cold turkey.

What’s the largest tip you ever received?
The largest tip I ever got from a guy was $100, and the largest tip I ever got from a girl was $20.

What do you drink to get your dance on?
Tequila Pineapple. That’s my drink of choice. It gets me going.

What do you think about the City of West Hollywood?
I love the people and the accessibility to everything. I live over on Sunset and I could pretty much walk anywhere. The only thing I hate is the traffic. I started coming here about a year ago. I love it.

To learn more about Revolver Video Bar where you can catch Go-Go dancer Patrick, visit: revolverweho.com

Follow Patrick on Instagram under the handle @PatrickEngelking.